2020 has been an unbelievable year

No one could have predicted such a major health crisis, and how it would turn our lives upside down. From sacrificing our personal freedoms, to constantly worrying about our health and our loved ones, it is incredible what we have gone through, and what we have endured.

This year our business was also thoroughly tested. At the peak of the crisis, selling diamonds seemed almost impossible. And we faced challenges on all fronts. It was a particularly difficult year for Rosy Blue, losing both our beloved founders. We miss them dearly, but their passing has served as an important reminder of who we are, and what we stand for. Our values, our priorities, and our commitments to each other, and to all of our stakeholders, are stronger than ever. And so, our company has also endured.

Our values, our priorities, and our commitments to each other, and to all of our stakeholders, are stronger than ever...

In 2021, we can see demand for natural diamonds returning. It seems that this strange year has given renewed meaning to natural diamonds, as the ultimate symbol of love. Natural diamonds are strong, rare, and irreplaceably unique. These qualities perfectly reflect the meaningful bonds between people - also strong, rare, and irreplaceably unique. The future for our business is starting to look brighter already.

We are incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful team at Rosy Blue.

Everyone helped navigate their respective company under extreme circumstances, facing challenges head on, and showing a great deal of understanding and support towards one another. We are ready for the future. 

Together We Are Stronger. Together We Sparkle.

Russel MehtaRussell Mehta
Managing Director
Rosy Blue India PVT. LTD.
Ravi BhansaliRavi Bhansali
Managing Director
Rosy Blue NV


With a long and distinguished history of excellence in the diamond industry, Rosy Blue is one of the world’s foremost diamantaires. 

Our company began trading as 'B Arunkumar' more than 50 years ago and continues to be a leading, trusted and successful player in the diamond industry. Thanks to a global marketing arrangement,
the Rosy Blue Alliance has presence in 12 countries around the world. Over time, we have become one of the largest and most trusted names in the global diamond industry.

This success is due as much to the integrity of our approach as to the exceptional quality of our diamonds. Rosy Blue is respected by those at every level of the industry for our steadfast commitment to the highest ethical standards. We do not only succeed for ourselves, but also to deliver positive benefits for our suppliers, customers, our employees, and the communities in which we work and live.


Rosy Blue is a diamantaire of international reach and reputation. In each country, we combine the scope and strength of an international business alliance with our local team’s in-depth knowledge of their particular market.

The business is divided into three key operations: Rough Diamond Procurement, Diamond Manufacturing, and Polished Trading. Although independent, these operations are united by a customer-centric approach and underpinned by strong, long-standing relationships. Our dynamic international structure allows us to identify and capitalise on opportunities wherever and whenever they arise.

Manufacturing is the heart of our business and reputation. We have core production centres, working to an advanced series of control systems that drive quality and guarantee the integrity of the pipeline.


‘Over the years we believe to have evolved from a company taking their corporate responsibilities to a company where sustainability is central to our core business and aligned with the corporate purpose.’ 

Amit Bhansali, Member of the Rosy Blue Brand Council and Member Management Board

As a major international business, we see ourselves as a global citizen, with a responsibility to contribute to the environmental and social good of the world. We engage explicitly in a series of initiatives which we believe help us to continuously improve business and operating practices across the value chain and our markets. This is how we progress towards a meaningful social responsibility, tackling the issues most material to our business operations.

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