Crafting A New Forever

The Dawn of a New Era

Starting from the very beginning – it was in 1960 that a small office and workshop in Mumbai took its nascent steps. A few decades later, it emerged as Rosy Blue – one of the world’s largest diamond manufacturers. As service providers of value-adding processes in the chain, they have emerged as one of the leading, trusted and successful players in the global diamond industry. “Our vision is to prepare the organization for a journey rather than anticipating a destination,” says Russell Mehta, Managing Director, Rosy Blue.

Russell Mehta, Managing Director, Rosy Blue

With an insatiable urge to grow and progress, learning from both their successes and setbacks, their journey so far has been rather special.  “Various nationalities and cultures working together as a team provides the secret sauce,” adds Mehta. “While we kept evolving at every stage during these years, the only constant that formed the bedrock of our growth was our set of core values of integrity, accountability and diversity.”

A Tale of Sustainability

As a brand with a promise of being “More than just diamonds,” Rosy Blue strives to achieve excellence with passion and empathy. “While dealing with natural diamonds, the businesses need to be pro-actively mindful of each and every stage that affects environmental, economic and social aspects of survival and growth,” believes Mehta. “A harmonious balance is the need of the hour while juggling with the trilogy of planets, people and profits essentially in the same sequence. Anything and everything we do as a corporation needs to be looked through the lens of sustainability,” he further explains.

It was 2016 when they started including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in their strategy. Though they initially used the SDGs as a guide, they are gradually shifting to a more transformational approach. As a company that is determined to make a difference, they took the time to calculate their global emissions, carry out energy audits, and set goals to lower emissions where possible. As a result, they could successfully reduce their carbon footprint.

“Sustainability to us is the ability to analyze the past, regulate our present state and be able to predict (and therefore be in control of) the future based on our capabilities. Sustainability is not something to be done in isolation. We are essentially a part of the business ecosystem and when we start making changes, gradually but invariably, it does impact the others triggering a chain of events towards the intended outcome,” he explains.

At the end of the day, as a leader in the industry, Rosy Blue believes that it is their responsibility to lead from the front and set examples before expecting any change from those they work with. With a firm belief in the famous dictum that “the true test of our character is what we do when no one is watching,” they are indeed crafting a world that welcomes a brighter future with open arms.

Paving the Path for a Better Future

Rosy Blue, in their own special ways, actively help build healthy and sustainable communities. Starting with sourcing from reputable and reliable companies, to collaborating with industry partners, they focus on integrity throughout their manufacturing process.

By creating inclusive policies, ensuring the health and safety of their employees, developing their skills and creating respectable jobs, they ensure a life of dignity and respect for all.

In 2010, the Rosy Blue Foundation was established to strengthen their pledge to communities. Mehta believes that there can never be a bad time to start. “Dealing with resultant resistance is not easy, but keeping the right mindset coupled with the right action on ground will always be yielding,” he adds.

Rosy Blue’s vision for the future is one that is sure to usher in an era for natural diamond cutting and polishing that is sustainable, humane and without a doubt inspiring. At the end of the day, their diamonds shine as brightly as the future that lies ahead for them.

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