How we handled the COVID-19 outbreak at Rosy Blue

The past year a global pandemic took over. Everywhere in the world things had to change in order to be able to move forward with everyday life. That’s why we, at Rosy Blue, implemented several measures to tackle the coronavirus and its aftermath together as a team. And where we had the possibility to do so, we provided help to those outside of our own company as well. Because we believe that an organization is only as healthy as its community. 

Measures towards employee wellness and safety 

During the peak of the pandemic, we minimized the use of plastics at Rosy Blue as a special measure against the spread of the virus. We did so by providing dining cutlery made of special bio-degradable material to our staff, in the office instead of in the cafeteria, which not only ensured hygiene but was decreasing our environmental impact as well. And when the country-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak started easing, addressing workplace challenges particularly keeping in mind employees’ wellness and safety, was among our top-priorities. Apart from our usual focus on workplace cleanliness and sanitization, specific policies and processes aimed at COVID-19 safety complexities (like ferrying employees in a hygienic and risk-free environment) were addressed by engaging the best-in-class dedicated transportation facilities. These services were in conformance to all the standards of social distancing, sanitization, safety and comfort. And at the end of the year in November 2020, SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests were organized for all staff-members in all the Mumbai offices. This enabled identification and special care for staff members who were more vulnerable and at higher risk to get infected by the virus. This way, we got through an unprecedented situation together. Looking forward, we will therefore keep taking necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of all of our employees. 

Contributions towards beneficiaries

Coming up with solutions in an isolated environment like an organization already poses difficulties. But for a country like India, the impact of COVID-19 added yet another layer of problems. While constant support to the vulnerable and poor sections of the society from the NGOs has helped in declining poverty rates in India, they still require help in terms of building resilience to disasters such as the pandemic. With 17% of the world’s population living in a small country such as India, there is very little room for social distancing. The pandemic has affected all in terms of health and income but even more for the poor, whose living conditions themselves aggravated the problem. The plausible solution for such deep rooted problems, is to give them the money and essentials. This way they can fend for themselves in a pandemic that could possibly take their lives due to starvation, even without having the effects of the virus itself in mind. That’s why Rosy Blue decided to made contributions to beneficiaries. Rosy Blue’s contribution was allocated towards the Uber Care Driver Fund to support driver partners by providing cash benefits for immediate and essential family needs. These contributions helped support them by providing financial assistance during these crucial times. 

Support towards communities in Mumbai

The Family Welfare Agency (FWA) that was established in 1950 has provided social support services for the elderly since 1979. The focus of our service lies on the care and well-being of the elderly in need within their homes. That’s why we teamed up with the Elder-friendly Enrichment and Care centres and community outreach program for the homebound in Dharavi, BDD Chawls Lower Parel and GTB Nagar. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected this vulnerable senior citizen population by being at increased risk of infections but also by taking a toll on their physical, mental, and financial condition. Many of the senior citizens and/or their family members have lost their sources of income during the lockdown and are yet uncertain about how to meet their financial requirements in the near future. The precautions of social distancing in this situation have increased their isolation and loneliness, and the associated fears and anxiety are further affecting their mental state. To compound the problem further, access to health care, delays in treatment and lapses in medical management have increased their health care issues. That’s why we decided to set up several projects in which we provide financial support to those in need. In one of these projects, for example, we collected more than 80.000 rupees (INR) among our employees in our Mumbai factory. And on top of that the management of our company has doubled that amount. Thanks to this donation this project will ensure nutritional and medical aid such as daily rations or nutritive supplements and cooked meals, access to medicines, diagnostic tests, health consultations and check-up camps. Further, companion visits were made and social support services – such as stimulating activities, counselling, recreation therapy i.e. games, music and social engagement interactions – were provided. Besides that, awareness was raised on better health and understanding of their legal rights, which enabled them to avail the government benefits for the poor. We’d like to express our thanks and gratitude to all Rosy Blue team members who’ve kept going and remained fully committed during the pandemic. And our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus.