Welcoming the Botswana Minister of Mining and the new De Beers Group CEO and Co- Chairman

Recently Rosy Blue India had the honour of welcoming the Mining Minister of Botswana, the honourable Lefoko Moagi, and the new De Beers Group CEO, Al Cook, together with Co-Chairman, Bruce Cleaver, to our offices. The Rosy Blue Alliance highly values its partnership with De Beers, which began back in 1969 and has now also branched out to Botswana, with our newest state-of-the-art factory.⁠

We would like to thank Bruce Cleaver for his exemplary leadership, which has played a key role in our industry for the past 6 years.⁠ We look forward to working with the new CEO, Al Cook, with whose vision and experience we are confident of a sustainable and flourishing diamond industry and our long-term partnership.⁠

At the evening hosted by De Beers, our India CEO Russell Mehta took the opportunity to personally thank the exiting De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver for his leadership, navigating not only De Beers but the entire diamond industry.⁠

Please find Mr. Mehta’s gratitude, in which he wishes Mr. Cleaver all the best, here below.⁠

Respected Minister of Mines, Botswana

Bruce, Al and friends 

As most of us here are family-owned and operated businesses, in the diamond companies we seldom see any significant change in the senior-most management, unless of course there is a generational change.

Hence when Bruce announced he was slowing down and stepping away from heading the De Beers group, we were all surprised… 

It was a great comfort to us all having Bruce as the leader of De Beers and as the custodian of our industry.

Upon his arrival as the CEO of De Beers group, he immediately provided the much needed ‘sense of calm’, ‘stability’ and ‘continuity’ following a difficult era we all went through.

I have been fortunate to have some long and meaningful discussions with Bruce over time and I admire him for his far sightedness, shaping the future of our industry and De Beers. The huge push in CSR and ESG are clear examples of him understanding and shaping the future. Creating the right place for LGDs though Lightbox is another example of his decisive decision-making based on his long view on the diamond industry and again, the proactive approach in shaping our world.

Through Covid, we have witnessed various traits of Bruce’s leadership. Tenacious in weathering the storm when revenues are almost zero, not forcing sales precipitating any serious price meltdowns, and guiding De Beers and the industry with a belief that things will turn around…

Yet at the same time, considerate and giving, making huge spends on health and medical care. Again, demonstrating the leadership for everyone to follow. Needless to say, the industry has now bounced back to the best in a very, very long time.

Thank you Bruce for leading by way of example! We are all grateful for what you have done for our industry in general and the Indian diamond industry in particular.

While all the sightholders wish that you were continuing, we respect your choice and warmly welcome Al to lead and shape the future. I am sure, after whatever small time I spent with him yesterday, that he will provide continuity and build on your legacy.

Bruce, on behalf of all the sightholders, I wish you all the very best with whatever you choose to do with your time moving forward, with an explicit understanding that you will be available to all of us when needed (as you told me on that 10th October call!).

Wishing you lots of good health,

 Thank you