Rosy Blue is known worldwide as a market-maker in polished diamonds. By combining our own manufactured diamonds with polished stones sourced from the open market, we ensure a consistent depth of inventory, to meet the needs of many different clients.

“In fulfilling the business needs of some of the most prestigious jewellery houses in the world, we take our responsibility for managing our supply chain integrity very seriously. We look after our clients by offering tailored, value adding services, but product integrity represents the foundation of how we serve all our clients.” 

– Raj Mehta, Member Management Board


Our clients are a diverse group, ranging from the world’s most prestigious international brands to large chain retailers catering to every price point, and small, speciality jewellers. As one of the world’s largest diamantaires, we are one of the few companies that can consistently meet all these various needs.

The scale of our international manufacturing and procurement operations means we can offer a comprehensive range of high-quality polished diamonds. We are able to meet orders swiftly, efficiently, and to exceptionally high standards.

Our extensive range of polished diamonds includes:

  • Stars
  • Full cuts
  • Melees
  • Pointers
  • Caraters
  • Larger specials
  • Ideal cuts
  • Certificate goods
  • Princess cuts
  • Round-edged fancies
  • Colours and browns


We have teams of key account managers across the world, procuring and selling specific weights and qualities of polished stones. These experienced specialists are also in close touch with our rough diamond procurement operations, allowing them quickly to pass on news of customers’ requirements. This means our rough procurement experts can focus on sourcing the stones to meet those needs, creating an unusually intelligent and client-centred pipeline.

“We create lifetime customers based on integrity and respect in everything we do.” - Atul Jhaveri, Member Management Board